Custom Fabrication

We put our years of experience to work for you

Our ability to take your metal fabrication project from concept to completion is what sets up apart. Fabrication with an eye for high quality finishing is what saves you time and money. Ace Metal Finishing Services is your one stop shop for custom metal fabrication.

Pendant Light Fixtures: These bottom and top cylinders were fabricated from brass sheet metal, cut, rolled and soldered. The cylinders are mechanically attached to the stem so that the fixture can be broken down into three pieces. The brass was then mirror polished and plated with bright nickel.

Cabinet Doors: Fabricated from 18 gauge brass sheet metal, this set of cabinet doors includes a cut, bent and soldered outer frame and a precisely matched back panel. A ¼” sq. return was added to act as a standoff for the glass and to create a seamless recessed look to the front panel. The brass frames were mirror polished and plated with bright nickel.